The View From The Top with Aaron Walker

The View from the Top podcast is a world-class podcast created for men interested in living a life of success and significance. In this weekly podcast, hosts Aaron Walker and Danny "Sunshine" Bauer interview men in the Iron Sharpens Iron Masterminds facilitated by Aaron Walker. Guests share entrepreneurial insights and success stories from working in a mastermind. This show is for men interested in being successful businessmen, intentional husbands, and better friends. Men should come here regularly for inspiration and to get to the amazing guys at The View from the Top. Each episode is 20-30 minutes perfect for your commute, workout, and making your chores at home more enjoyable! Aaron Walker has been in a mastermind with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, and Ken Abraham for more than a decade and now he wants to share what he has learned with you, the listener.
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Dec 27, 2017

Tim Crough is a Performance Coach and the owner of Move Right KC. Now that Tim is reaching his 40s and has had a successful career, Tim is focused on building a legacy that brings a deeper connection to his family and the people around him.


Highlights from This Episode:

  • When was the last time Tim really experienced Joy?
  • Tim often asks his clients what are their ‘so you can’ goals. What are some of these goals Tim has heard?
  • Why did Tim start Move Right KC?
  • The more you push your body, the more your body is going to compensate.
  • How did Tim not get trapped the ‘lifestyle changes’ of a growing business?
  • Tim did a mission trip to Uganda, which experienced a genocide in 1994. It was a very humbling experience.
  • Now that Tim is a little over 40, he wants to focus on building his legacy.
  • What does that look like in the next 20 years?
  • How did Tim discover Iron Sharpens Iron?
  • What tips does Tim have for being a better husband?



Tim on LinkedIn

Dec 20, 2017

Mike Sudermann is the Founder of Ascent Select Talent Capital, a premier recruiting firm with a Rolodex of high-quality talent. Mike explains how he got started in this industry and shares tips on how to build long-lasting relationships no matter where you are.


Highlights from This Episode:

  • ● How did Mike get started in his career?
  • ● When you’re cold calling on the phone, you learn very quickly to sell value.
  • ● In life, it’s all about building connections and relationships.
  • ● Truth is, being successful is not that hard. Transitioning from success to significance is.
  • ● What value do you bring to your customers and clients?
  • ● Companies have an unfair advantage when they care more about their clients than their competitors do.
  • ● People like doing business with people they trust and believe in.
  • ● Why did Mike decide to write a book?
  • ● Updating your resume and sending it to companies no longer works. You need a strategy in today’s world and you have to leverage what social media can do for you.
  • ● What have been some of the unexpected benefits of joining the Iron Sharpens Iron group?
  • Resources:
  • The Executive Leap: Breakthrough Strategies to Land Your Next Top Job, by Mike Sudermann
Dec 13, 2017

Wayne Herring is a Coach and Consultant for his own company, Herring Group. He is at this new stage of his life where all of his four children are in school, not quite an empty nester just yet, but he can still feel the changes. Wayne discusses how he keeps on track and why he is very strict with the habits in his life, and also credits good friends and the Iron Sharpens Iron group for making him a better man.


Highlights from This Episode:

  • Wayne is in the thick of raising 4 kids.
  • What have some of the challenges been with transitioning into this phase of life?
  • People have been sort of ‘interrogating’ Wayne’s wife about what she’s going to do for work now that her children are of school-age. She’s been a full-time mom for the last 14 years.
  • When was the last time Wayne has experienced joy?
  • How does Wayne approach his mindset?
  • When Wayne breaks out of his usual habits, he becomes a mess. He is very careful not to break them!
  • Wayne credits his friends for helping him to keep himself on track.
  • What do people consistently ask Wayne for help with?
  • What is Wayne obsessed with right now?
  • What have been some of the benefits of joining Iron Sharpens Iron for Wayne?



Episode 17 with Wayne Herring

Wayne on LinkedIn

Dec 6, 2017

Tommy Breedlove has been there, done that. He was in the trenches with the most ambitious and successful men around, but there was something lacking in his life. Despite this success, his marriage was crumbling, his health was crumbling, and frankly, he was just not happy anymore in his chosen career. He wore a mask every day and enough was enough.


At the age of 37, he had a spiritual awakening which resulted in him founding his current company, Choose Goodness. On the show, Tommy explains what Choose Goodness is about and how he helps ambitious leaders get balanced.


Highlights from This Episode:

  • ● Tommy is a part of the ‘Choose Goodness’ movement. What is it about?
  • ● Tommy was a very successful man, but on the inside, he was crumbling. He was wearing a mask and there was just a river of destruction going on in his personal life.
  • ● Through a spiritual awaking, Tommy founded Choose Goodness, a place for business leaders seeking transformation or for those who, like Tommy, have reached a plateau and need to revitalize their core values.
  • ● Ambitious leaders have a hard time finding balance. They end up compromising themselves and those closest to them in the name of perfection. Tommy believes it’s important to choose goodness, instead.
  • ● What caused Tommy to switch careers?
  • ● When was the last time Tommy experienced joy?
  • ● What is Tommy currently obsessed with right now?
  • ● How can someone love themselves and be more forgiving of themselves?
  • ● What has been the most unexpected benefit of joining Iron Sharpens Iron?
  • ● Remember, you have to participate in your own rescue!
  • Resources:
  • Tommy on LinkedIn
Nov 29, 2017

Joel Hawbaker is a family man and father of 5 kids. He has been an IT consultant for the last 15 years and recently moved from Chicago to Tennessee. Joel discusses why he made the move, how his faith impacts his life, and so much more, on this week’s show!


Highlights from This Episode:

  • ● When was the last time Joel experienced joy?
  • ● Why did Joel move from Chicago to Tennessee?
  • ● What does Joel like about Tennessee so far?
  • ● What do people consistently ask Joel for help with?
  • ● What is Joel currently obsessed with?
  • ● Why did Joel start his IT consulting business?
  • ● How does Joel’s faith transfer over into his professional life?
  • ● Why did Joel join Iron Sharpens Iron?
  • ● Joel shares some of his tips on how he has a healthy relationship with his wife.
  • ● Remember, at the end of the day, people matter!
  • Resources:
  • Joel on LinkedIn
  • Email Joel:
  • Call Joel: 630-217-9337
Nov 22, 2017

Raz Shafer is the founder of My Campaign Coach, an organization dedicated to helping others get their foot in the door when it comes to politics. Raz and his team teach their students about campaign development and help equip them not only to win their elections but to lead through service and integrity.


Highlights from This Episode:

  • ● Raz and his wife recently had a child and they decided to deliver it at home.
  • ● What was it like going through a natural home birth?
  • ● How can someone find out more about this? First step: Be sure to really interview your midwife well.
  • ● What does Raz do and how does he help people?
  • ● Raz recently created an online course, who is it best suited for?
  • ● Raz wants to see more veterans run for office.
  • ● More people need to consider becoming politicians.
  • ● Should you run for office and can you win?
  • ● Raz has a very helpful podcast out where he talks to officials about why they decided to run, and how they won.
  • ● Whatever your background is, we need more everyday people like you considering to run for office.
  • Resources:
  • “016: From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur with Raz Shafer”
Nov 15, 2017

Jacob Shafer is 27 years old and he feels incredibly blessed to be working on his own business at such a young age. By being able to set your own hours, Jacob is able to spend time with those who matter instead of being stuck behind a desk.


Highlights from This Episode:

  • ● Who is Jacob and what does he currently do?
  • ● When was the last time Jacob experienced joy?
  • ● What do people consistently ask Jacob for help with?
  • ● Growing up, Jacob was homeschooled and would hang out with his two older brothers all the time.
  • ● Why did Jacob start his own business?
  • ● Matt Miller is Jacob’s uncle!
  • ● What has been the most fulfilling aspect of running School Spirit Vending?
  • ● What is Jacob currently obsessed with right now?
  • ● Jacob loves CrossFit and loves seeing how strong female athletes are able to completely kick his butt.
  • ● How does Jacob combine his faith with his work?
  • Resources:
Nov 8, 2017

Aaron ‘Big A’ Walker is on the show today! He brings an update for all ISI members on why he made the difficult decision to close his community down and focus on the mastermind instead. He also discusses what Daniel missed at the Evins Mill, Tennessee bi-annual ISI meetup!


Highlights from This Episode:

  • ● Aaron had to make a difficult decision recently with the Iron Sharpens Iron community recently.
  • ● Between the mastermind and the community, Aaron knew he had to focus on one thing.
  • ● Aaron had to close the community, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end!
  • ● Aaron is considering opening up a Junior ISI community for men between the ages of 18-21.
  • ● What was the meetup in Evins Mill, Tennessee like? What did Daniel miss?!
  • ● This year’s talk had a ‘ready, aim, fire’ approach to goal setting.
  • ● It took Aaron and his team four tries to get the balance right between hosting a big talk and letting the guys network in small groups at the event.
  • ● Greg came up to Aaron at the event and told him how these mastermind meetings were changing his life. This is how Aaron knows he’s on track.
  • ● Tom received a very thoughtful gift from Ed and he started crying uncontrollably by how meaningful the gift was.
  • ● The men in the group have gotten comfortable with each other so that they feel open to call each other out and help make everyone, including themselves, better.
  • Resources:
  • The One Thing, by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan
Nov 1, 2017

Anthony Witt has recently taken up a passion for writing. He knows he’s not good at it, but sees the importance of it, especially as a business owner. We need to know how to communicate effectively with our audience and that means picking up the pen (or keyboard) and writing! Anthony realizes he’s not a very good writer right now, but he will be through consistent practice. ALeeWitt


Highlights from This Episode:

  • Anthony recently attended a writing conference; what was that experience like?
  • If you’re a business owner, no matter what your profession, you need to be writing about your business!
  • Anthony has become passionate about writing, even though he knows he’s horrible at it.
  • If you like somebody who you think is a real pro at a skill, go back in time with that person as far back as you can and see where they started.
  • You’re constantly refining who you are. It takes practice and consistency. You might not be good today, but you will be.
  • What tips does Anthony have to help people be consistent in their practice?
  • Anthony is forming a small mastermind group of aspiring writers to help keep everyone accountable.
  • Anthony discusses why developing intimate connections is important.
  • People are destined to be part of a tribe.
  • Anthony offers some final parting words of advice. Your message matters!



Anthony on Twitter

Anthony on LinkedIn

Oct 25, 2017

Anthony Woolever is an industrial engineer for FedEx and served eight years in the military. Anthony is a man of many talents and is currently working on his new Amazon Ecommerce and drop shipping business. Find out Anthony’s story and why he joined the Iron Sharpens Iron group!


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time Anthony experienced joy?

● What do people consistently ask Anthony for help with?

● How can you work on improving system processes?

● What is Anthony currently obsessed with right now?

● Why is Amazon Ecommerce interesting to Anthony?

● What kind of routines and systems personally help Anthony succeed?

● How does Anthony organize his email inbox?

● Why did Anthony decide to join Iron Sharpens Iron?

● What does Anthony fear the most?

● Why does Anthony think the men at ISI are able to handle success so well?



View From The Top: Episode 037 with Scott Hooper

Global Leadership Summit

Getting Things Done, by David Allen

Email Anthony:

Oct 18, 2017

This is Derek Champagne’s second guest appearance. You can get to know more about him and what he does on episode 55 of the View From The Top podcast. Exciting things are happening in Derek’s life, right now. He recently released a marketing course to help people get a clearer idea of how they should tackle both digital and traditional media. The best part of it all, though, is Derek got to work side by side with his amazing wife on this project!

Highlights from This Episode:

● Derek recently put together a marketing course to help newbies get a better handle on how to put themselves out there.

● No matter what, if you want to grow your business effectively, you will need a team.

● In Derek’s program, he does a deep dive on how you can properly research your target market as well as make yourself stand out from your competitors.

● It’s a mistake to completely replace your communication with digital (aka emails). We need the human element and we need to hear the human voice.

● Derek loves the ISI community because every day the men are sharing basic principles in the group.

● You really need to have a clear plan if you want to have consistent branding all throughout your website/campaigns.

● Derek has been looking for ten years for a document like this and he’s never found it.

● The best part of developing this course is that Derek gets to do it with his wife.

● What have been some of the unexpected benefits for Derek about creating a course with his wife?

● Derek shares tips on how you can work with your wife without breaking up!



View From The Top: Episode 037 with Scott

Global Leadership Summit

Email Derek:

Derek on LinkedIn

Oct 11, 2017

Scott Hooper appeared on the View From The Top podcast back in episode 37. On today’s show, Scott discusses why he’s so passionate about teaching children about the power they hold within themselves. He recently launched a podcast called Inspire a Kid and explains in depth why every child has unlimited potential to achieve amazing things.


Highlights from This Episode:

● A bunch of Scott’s mastermind buddies released their own podcast.

● Scott recently released his own podcast too. What is it about?

● Every child has greatness in them. Scott shares an example of what he means.

● Scott believes most kids live a life where they naturally want to help. Unfortunately, we adults tend to beat that passion out of them.

● It’s a tragic loss when a child dies physically, but it’s also tragic when they die emotionally or mentally to the world around them.

● The Inspire a Kid podcast is about telling inspiring stories of kid influencers and great adults who were inspired when they were kids.

● Everybody knows that behavior follows character. Teach good behavior, and you have a good character.

● Every kid has the potential to greatness. It’s important to have them realize this early in their lives.

● Scott discusses his vision for the podcast and what he hopes to achieve in the next couple of years.

● Want to know more? Feel free to email Scott!



View From The Top: Episode 037 with Scott

Global Leadership Summit

Email Scott: or

Oct 4, 2017

Lane Beene is a full-time Air Force Officer and an F16 Pilot. Lane has been in the military for almost 26 years but has a real estate investment business on the side. On the show, Lane discusses how the Iron Sharpens Iron mastermind has helped his side hustle tremendously.

Highlights from This Episode:

● Who is Lane and what does he do?

● Why does Lane like investing in real estate so much?

● Lane has had three business breakthroughs since joining Iron Sharpens Iron.

● Lane was able to identify his own core values with the help of his mastermind brothers.

● Lane had a hard time describing what he did because what he did was ‘artistic.’ However, Lane understands now that processes are critical to your business.

● The men in the mastermind group helped Lane reframe his mind on how he’s supposed to pay himself in the business.

● Lane now knows how to go from entrepreneur to a business owner where he can hire staff to give himself more time freedom.

● We never went to school on how to develop and build a tight business.

● What has been the most unexpected benefit to joining ISI?

● Lane felt like he had plateaued, but since being with the inspiring members of ISI, he has consistently climbed higher and higher.



Global Leadership Summit


Sep 27, 2017

Jaime Jay is the Founder of Castrly Podcast Production Software. His program is able to take and streamline your podcast workflow from 51 to 17 minutes. Jaime is also the managing director of Slapshot Studio, which focuses on strengthening client’s brands. Find out what Jaime is up to and why he joined the ISI community!


Highlights from This Episode:

● What was it like attending the Podcast Movement conference?

● What cool things did Jaime learn about while at the conference?

● What is Castrly about?

● Slapshot Studio recently underwent a website redesign and it’s also up for an award.

● Branding is about telling your story and underlining the core problem many people face.

● Why has Chatbox helped with Jaime’s business?

● Jaime thinks emailing will become obsolete soon because of Chatbox.

● Using Chatbox has to be mindful. You are walking a fine line between promotion, vs. spam.

● There are currently no standards for how people should/can use Chatbox and other bot-related apps.

● Jaime has some tips on how you can serve your clients 10x better.



Global Leadership Summit


Sep 20, 2017

This is Chris Shrader’s second guest appearance on the show. Last year, Daniel spoke to Chris about his decision to move from Indiana to Alabama and how the men in ISI encouraged him to make such a big move. Where is Chris today and what is he up to? Find out on this week’s episode!


Highlights from This Episode:

● Chris has moved from Indiana to Alabama, how did Iron Sharpens Iron help Chris with that decision?

● When was the last time Chris experienced joy?

● Chris is currently undergoing a career pivot. How has the mastermind helped support Chris during this time?

● How do you really know when to change your mindset? The men in ISI know when you’re limiting yourself.

● Chris and his mastermind group are writing a book together. How on earth did that happen?

● Every year the ISI men get together face-to-face. What has the experience been like for Chris?

● What do people consistently ask Chris for help with?

● What kinds of challenges do young men today face?

● What is Chris currently obsessed with right now?

● Chris has started to write in his Bible and keep notes as he goes along.



View From The Top: 022: “Don’t Be a Slave to Debt With Chris Shrader”


Global Leadership Summit


Sep 13, 2017

Daniel Bauer is the guest for this week’s show. Finally, you get a chance to see a new side of the View From The Top podcast host and some of the things that he is passionate about right now. Daniel discusses why God and family are so important to him, and how the ISI community has helped him become a better man.


Highlights from This Episode:

● Daniel gets interviewed this time around! It’s time to get to know the host of the show.

● When was the last time Daniel experienced joy?

● Why is family so important to Daniel?

● Daniel sat down and wrote out his life plan two years ago. He first started with his eulogy.

● How does Daniel combine his faith and his professional life together?

● What do people consistently ask Daniel for help with?

● Why did Daniel start his business, Better Leaders, Better Schools?

● Why did Daniel join the ISI community?

● Daniel respects Big A and what he stands for as a person.

● What has been the most unexpected benefit of joining ISI?



 Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want, by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy

Ego Is the Enemy, by Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph, by Ryan Holiday

Global Leadership Summit


Sep 6, 2017

Jeff McMahon has been a personal trainer for almost a decade. He has a degree in pre-med/pre-pharm and is also certified in exercise science and sports medicine. Jeff is able to help transform people’s lives all over the world through his virtual business. On the show, Jeff discusses why having the right mindset is one of the three key things to losing weight.


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time Jeff experienced joy?

● How does Jeff transform his client’s lives?

● What have been some of the common reasons why Jeff’s clients want to lose weight?

● Has Jeff ever had to fire a client?

● Jeff has been running his virtual business for the last three years; what has he learned about the business so far?

● What is virtual training, anyway?

● Jeff says he can help you get results in 90 days!

● What do people consistently ask Jeff for help with (aside from the personal training)?

● What is Jeff currently obsessed with right now?

● What has been the most unexpected benefit of participating in the Iron Sharpens Iron community?



Global Leadership Summit


Aug 30, 2017

Eric Gonia has been married for the last 19 years and this is his second appearance on the podcast! On this week’s show, Eric discusses how he turned his vision of having his family travel within the U.S. in an RV into a reality. Eric is able to work remotely while he travels, but there have been some challenges along the way!


Highlights from This Episode:

● When Eric attended the View From The Top event in Tennessee, he pitched this vision of a family adventure where the family would travel within the U.S./Globally. How’s that going?

● What are some of the places Eric and his family have traveled to so far?

● Eric and his wife homeschool their children, and what’s cool is they now get an incredibly hands-on history experience with the places they travel to.

● Niagara falls has been Eric’s favorite destination so far!

● Having a family in a small RV space can lead to so many distractions, how does Eric work remotely effectively?

● The biggest challenge Eric has had so far is having reliable internet.

● What are some of the things that Eric and his family miss now that they’re traveling all the time?

● What has been the biggest lesson Eric has learned so far?

● How have the men of Iron Sharpens Iron encouraged Eric throughout all of this?

● The men have been a huge support system to Eric!



Eric on LinkedIn

Less Stuff More Living

Episode 12 with Eric Gonia

Global Leadership Summit


Aug 23, 2017

Chris Hewitt is the Leader for Technical Integration & Transform IT for Dupont Pioneer. He is also the Community Ambassador for View From The Top, where he manages new member services and welcomes new members into the community. On today’s show, Chris discusses his passion for helping and mentoring other men, and why everyone wins when there’s a better husband, father, son, and brother in their lives.


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time Chris experienced joy?

● Every week, Chris has ‘Words of Encouragement’ meetups, aka WOE, with three men.

● Chris describes the WOE meetings.

● Every Sunday, Chris also has Bible study with his son and his two of his son’s friends.

● Chris also has something called a ‘ACTS’ framework that he uses to help guide and mentor men.

● Everyone benefits when you have a better man thinking the right way.

● Men struggle with showing affection and love. If you don’t love and listen, then you’ll never be a good leader.

● What’s it like working with Chris’s son in Bible study?

● Why did Chris join Iron Sharpens Iron?

● Chris has become very involved in ISI since he joined. Why has he become so passionate about it?



Chris on LinkedIn

Global Leadership Summit

Aug 16, 2017

Morgan Wright is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity, strategy, cyberterrorism, identity theft and privacy. On today’s episode, Morgan discusses how he’s marketing himself a little bit differently and how this strategy got the attention of Seth Godin.


Highlights from This Episode:

● Morgan recently spoke to Seth Godin. What was that conversation like?

● As demand for video has increased with law enforcement officers, it’s become harder and harder to be more transparent due to information overload. More surveillance isn’t always the solution.

● Seth was impressed by the conversation he and Morgan had.

● When we need to search something we always say, ‘Just Google It’. Did you know Microsoft has spent 10 billion dollars over the last 10 years trying to make a dent in the ‘search’ market and they haven’t succeeded?

● When you own the category of your industry, you put yourself in a very powerful position. You get 76% of the economics of it. Morgan explains further.

● What advice can Morgan give to the listeners about effectively marketing a problem, not just the solution?

● Does Morgan have any advice on how listeners can be better fathers, husbands, and men?

● The older we get, the smarter we get, especially when it comes to raising our kids.

● Remember, consistency over time adds to something big.

● Don’t wait till you’re in trouble to give your wife some flowers! Do it just to do it.


Play Bigger, by Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead, Dave Peterson, and Kevin Maney

Global Leadership Summit

Aug 9, 2017

Bobby Shaw is a former restaurant executive, and has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant business. He first got his head start at McDonald’s, and worked his way up to the top. Now, Bobby is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and helps business owners with their leadership and team skills.


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time Bobby experienced joy?

● What do people consistently ask Bobby for help with?

● Daniel is moving to Belgium! Lots of crazy life changes happening.

● How did Bobby get started in entrepreneurship?

● Being an introvert, Bobby cites his McDonald’s manager for believing in him, and pushing him outside of his comfort zone.

● Bobby is a leader today because somebody believed in him.

● What is Bobby’s ideal client?

● What do you need to know about running an effective team?

● Value your strengths. They are what make you unique!

● Why did Bobby join Iron Sharpens Iron?


Global Leadership Summit

Aug 2, 2017

James Schaeffer is an Air Force Academy Graduate and a Flight Instructor Pilot for Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. He has been married to his lovely wife for 25 years, and tells the audience to never stop studying, like you do for a job or business, about marriage. On the show, he talks about his relationship with God, and why He, and his family, will always be #1 priorities.


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time James experienced joy?

● James loves to teach students and help them have a ‘light bulb’ moment when they’re in pilot training.

● What’s the best way to develop a person?

● When you get rejected, or a big ‘no,’ it can feel defeating. But keep in mind that it’s not just a ‘no,’ it’s a ‘not yet.’ Reframe it!

● James love teaching airforce students how to fly, but he also loves being an entrepreneur too.

● Our job is something we do, but that’s not what defines us. What defines James is his relationship with Christ and his family.

● What kinds of lessons has James learned about being married 25 years?

● Also, take your wife’s phone calls. Never ignore those calls!

● When it comes to business, there are people who are sprinters and others who are marathon runners. Neither is bad, but both have their strengths and weaknesses.

● What has been the most unexpected benefit of joining Iron Sharpens Iron?


Call James: 940-642-8988

Global Leadership Summit

Jul 26, 2017

Brian Mininger has worked in construction for the last 20 years. He began his career managing volunteer work crews for Habitat for Humanity. Brian is the father of four teenage daughters and regularly encourages them to go on mission trips. This is because Brian was personally transformed from a very impactful mission trip during his late teenage years. He was able to see firsthand why God always delivers.


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time Brain experienced joy?

● As a dad, how does Brain teach spiritual values to his kids?

● Brian went on a mission trip in ’94 and was transformed by that experience.

● Why did Brian start Bear Creek Enterprises?

● What has Brian been the most proud of since starting his company?

● What is Brian obsessed with right now?

● Daniel shares 3 quick stories about the Atlanta Braves.

● What kinds of routines or systems help Brain throughout the day?

● Brian discusses some of the most unexpected benefits about joining Iron Sharpens Iron.

● What tips or advice does Brian have to create better relationships?


Global Leadership Summit

Jul 19, 2017

Dr. Phil Carson had been running a successful pharmacy practice for two decades before losing it all in the downturn. Today, he is the owner of Carson Natural, a clinic that helps you heal yourself… naturally! On the show, he discusses the last time he experienced joy, why you need to change your mindset about stress, and so much more!


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time Phil experienced joy?

● What’s it like having a 9-month grandchild?

● What do people consistently ask Phil for help doing?

● What is Phil obsessed with right now?

● What kind of tips does Phil have for those battling with stress?

● Your attitude towards stress is sometimes more important than the stress itself.

● Phil has a brick and mortar business, but he can also cater to clients online!

● Why did Phil start Carson Natural?

● During the downturn, Phil lost everything except his house.

● Despite Phil’s hardships, God was still faithful to him and carried his family through.


Global Leadership Summit

Jul 12, 2017

David Rhodes, Jr. has a background in marketing and graphic communication. He is the co-founder of Glass Geeks, a windows and power washing service. David has also been married for 12 years and has 3 children. On the show, David discusses the difference between a customer and a client, and why you should always care about, and protect, the people you serve.


Highlights from This Episode:

● When was the last time David experienced joy?

● Is David familiar with the five love languages?

● What makes a good listener?

● It’s important to get into your ideal client’s head.

● What tips does David have for those who aren’t great at marketing?

● What is something David is obsessed with right now?

● Why did David start his own business with
Shane Duffy?

● What kind of routines does David have that he uses in his business?

● David loves the 12 Week Year because it helps him stay on track and focused.

● What has been the one unexpected benefit of joining the Iron Sharpens Iron community?


Global Leadership Summit

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